We’re officially in lockdown, let the home schooling begin!

Monday 23rd March 2020

And so it begins; working from home and home schooling. We were up at normal time and feeling optimistic so had a look at the Joe Wicks workout. However, after about 10 minutes warp-girl had gotten bored and I was finding out how unfit I actually was. We swiftly decided that breakfast and school tasks might be a better idea…

Our dining room was quickly converted into a mini office with my work laptop sitting alongside our old home laptop, which had now become warp-girl’s school computer. We read through the instructions and successfully logged on to the online account to find the first of the daily tasks – drawing a picture of your family and a bit of maths. warp-girl cracked on with this with no problems as I attempted to get to grips with my school’s own online work provision.

Play-Doh Tea Party
No shortage of soup or cupcakes here!

I also found out that we would not be needed in school this week as the uptake for the key worker provision in our area did not look to be very big at all, we were however required to fine tune our online work provision. Having finally completed all our work for the day, we decided that what we needed next was a Play-Doh tea party for doggos and bears! We made juice, soup, cupcakes and sweets. Delicious. After ‘tea’ I rang Dad and discussed Boris Johnson’s announcement of what was effectively a lockdown; no unnecesary travel and only leaving the house for food, medicine, exercise or work. Things were starting to get interesting.

Tuesday 24th March 2020

We didn’t even kid ourselves with early morning exercise this morning and got straight down to school work. Farm animals and more maths for warp-girl and general admin/data input for me. Following this, as we were running low on milk for the kids, I ventured out to the super market. Toilet Roll Update: they had a solitary; very lonely looking; pack of nine coconut oil infused paper in the toilet roll aisle… (am I the only person who thinks that scented toilet roll is both strange and unnecessary?!). There were also now lots of tannoy announcements and signs in place to politely inform shoppers that they could only purchase three of any one type of item. Whilst paying for my shopping, I witnessed a guy trying to flout these newly imposed rules by buying three crates of Fosters himself, and having his wife put another three through the checkout in a seperate transaction behind him. I did wonder whether someone had already found a loophole in the new rules, but the supermarket staff were having none of it. Back at home we put the shopping away and played hairdressers; I looked fabulous. A short while later, it became apparent that warp-boy (my son) had something wrong with his ear and after a quick call to our surgery and describing his symptoms, they diagnosed an ear infection and prescribed antibiotics. jef headed out to collect the medicine and found the surgery was actually baracaded, with chairs blocking the door!

Doctor's is barricaded
The waiting area was off limits today.

After a short, strange exchange through the window, he collected the prescription and headed to the pharmacy. Here, social distancing was in full swing with people only allowed inside two at a time and waiting, seperately, outside for their medicine. Discussing our visits to both the supermarket and the doctors, we agreed that things had changed quite a lot already; and we had only been in lockdown for a day…

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