Animal Crossing and Animal Farm

Wednesday 25th March 2020

The sky
…is it a bird? …is it a plane? …erm

We seemed to be getting into the swing of things now. Up at a normal time, breakfast (and a bit of Animal Crossing), then school work. Today was learning about feelings and counting animals for warp-girl and for me, report writing. It was considerably more tricky than usual to write reports whilst trying to discuss expressions and  emotions, and negotiate the dinosaurs and cars which wanted to help, courtesy of warp-boyEventually they were finished and it was time for some fresh air! We had been giving warp-girl the same packed lunch every day that she would usually have in school to try and keep some sort of normality and structure to her day, and today she decided she wanted it as picnic in the garden. We dug out our tartan picnic rug (which I don’t think we have ever used for a picnic so I am unsure why we even have it) and sat outside. It

Animal Farm
Not sure what DEFRA would make of those field sizes or animal groupings.

was nice to just be outdoors for a bit and we soon had our own animal farm which we used for the counting animals activity which had also been set today. All the yellow animals in one pen, all the grey animals in another – we played it a bit fast and loose with the animal welfare here, but did some good number bonds to ten, which is all that matters right? We also noticed the lack of airplanes in the sky, another effect of the lockdown maybe?

Thursday 26th March 2020

I paid off my first home loan for my house on Delfino Isle this morning which was extremely satisfying and merited a victory brioche for breakfast! (In case anyone was wondering, this is the name of our island in Animal Crossing – I don’t have a luxurious home in an exotic archipelago somewhere). After this glorious start to the day, today’s work involved making a pictogram. We quickly turned this into a treasure hunt around the house where we recorded the numbers of each different thing we had found. warp-girl loved this and it momentarily felt like a triumphant moment in the home schooling. That was until we had to halve the number of mini chocolate muffins on the pictogram as warp-girl had scoffed them; and it wasn’t even 10am… After a slightly more healthy lunch, we made some rubber stamp pictures of cats to send to Great Aunty – she LOVES cats – before practising our reading and writing. We whizzed through our ‘speed sounds’ (you go girl!), then had a few words to read (still going well…) and then we had to use said words to make up a little story to write (…oh dear). ‘Let’s jump and splash!’…’Let’s get a hot drink’…’Yum hot drink!’… warp-girl decided I wasn’t very good at making up stories. I agreed and was left wondering how Primary School teachers do what they do…

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