A Home Bargains queue and a trip to the zoo

Friday 27th March 2020

We are closed
Sorry, we’re closed.

Today we had some letters to post so I ventured out into town, which was considerably more populated than I had imagined it would be. There was definitely evidence of social distancing; there was an extremely civilised queue outside Home Bargains and the fruit and veg shop was not letting people in; instead they were outside shouting their orders through the window. Most shops were actually closed with signs stuck to their shutters, but even so, there seemed to be an awful lot of people out and about. I quickly posted my letters and headed home.

Bug Mobile
Behold! The Bug Queen!

We had seen a lot online about people putting pictures of rainbows and other interesting things in their windows to entertain people on their allocated hour of daily exercise, so we decided to dig out the Hama Beads and make a bug mobile for the garden. We had a fun hour or so making it and then we put the finished thing in the garden for all to see. Then we settled down to watch some videos of feeding time at Chester Zoo. These were actuallly pretty good and made us feel a little less locked down. We finished off our week by venturing back into the garden at 19:40 to see the International Space Station zoom overhead. It was really bright in the sky and we waved frantically at the astronauts. They knew how to socially distance!

So week one was done and all in all it hadn’t been too bad. We managed to maintain some sort of routine and completed all work and home schooling assigned tasks whilst also having some fun. I am however, officially in awe of Primary School teachers. Just how do they do it? …every day …and with a class full of kids! It will be very interesting to see whether we can keep this up…

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