Another day, another packed lunch

Saturday 28th March 2020

Saturday was quite a lazy day, with no early start and no school work. I was quite surprised when, at when warp-girl asked if her teacher had set her school tasks yet. I quickly realised that she had no concept now of ‘school’ days (week days) and ‘home’ days (weekends). Before schools closed, she would often ask me when going to bed if I was ‘home tomorrow’, meaning was it the weekend when we could do all the cool ‘at home’ stuff, but after only a week of home schooling, this seemed to be the new normal for her and she just accepted that everyday, we got up and did school work. She was actually quite disappointed when I said it was the weekend and she didn’t have any work to do, so we logged on anyway and did some reading and maths, just for fun (Yes!! My child wants to learn, she’ll be a member of MENSA before we know it!).

Brachiosaurus was pretty cheesed off when this happened.

She also asked for her school packed lunch which made lunch time easy, except for brachiosaurus who took a nose dive into warp-boy’s Dairylea Dunker. This was followed by some more Animal Crossing (Ava, Pinky AND Deli have all moved in now. We are positively thriving!) and an interesting conversation with my friend in Thailand. She said that Bangkok (where she works) had been in a semi-shutdown since 22nd March and their restrictions seemed to be similar to ours. They still have some restaurants open though, serving takeaway only, and all flights are currently cancelled. We discussed how her flight over here in May had been cancelled too and, whilst disappointing, we agreed (for now at least) it was probably for the best.

Sunday 29th March 2020

Another lazy day. Again we did some online learning, had a packed lunch and played a lot of Animal Crossing. Zipper T. Bunny turned up and hid Easter eggs and DIY recipes all over our island so we spent a good deal of time fishing, digging, chopping and shaking trees to find these!

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