Welcome back laptop!

Friday 3rd April 2020

Fixed Laptop!
The fix was so efficient that there were three screws left over!

Today I had various things to do for work and warp-girl needed to create a ‘story book’ of news from her week. While we discussed what she would include and got the pens and paper out ready to start (no computer today!), jef was looking pensive. ‘Was it the right PSU?’ he asked. After explaining to me that this was a power supply unit (what I would have called a laptop charger) I was still none the wiser. He then rumaged under the table and picked up the ends of two laptop chargers; one belonging to my work laptop and the other belonging to the, now in pieces, broken laptop. ‘Was it the right PSU?’ he asked again. ‘Erm…I. Don’t. Know.’. They are both HP laptops and the ends looked identical. We exchanged a look…’Where were all the pieces?!’ … We spent the next 10 minutes finding all the bits. The bulk of it was on top of the drawers next to the door ready to go into the relevant bins outside. The processor was on the window sill in the kitchen, waiting for its new life as a fridge magnet and the tiny little screws were in the glass jar where we put all our odd pennies. The keyboard was discarded (and a bit crumpled) on top of the box of Duplo. This was going to be interesting… About an hour (and some fresh thermal paste) later, jef was finished. It all looked OK (even the keyboard!), so we plugged it in…it worked! Hooray! The story book could now be done on the computer and we didn’t need to find an alternative way for warp-girl to complete her online work. Although it meant we wouldn’t be having a new magnet, we were very pleased with the laptop revival and I tried not to think about the fact that we had almost binned a working computer because I had plugged in the wrong PSU…

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