A Turnip for the Books!

Saturday 4th April 2020

Noisy Books!
We were treated to a dawn chorus and a safari tour.

Today was officially the start of our Easter Holidays. This day would normally be full of excitement about the cool things we could do now we were all off work and school together. But having already spent the last two weeks in lockdown, working and schooling from home, warp-girl and warp-boy were none the wiser and I was left wondering what fun new things we could do… Then the Postman came and it was Granny to the rescue! A lovely little package containing two books; ‘The Little Book of Safari Animal Sounds’ and ‘The Little Book of Garden Bird Songs’. These provided hours of fun, our favourites being the Carrion Crow and the Grey Go-Away Bird, although warp-girl decided the Safari book was named wrongly and should actually be called ‘The Book of Daddy sounds’.

Sunday 5th April 2020

Easter Cards
An egg between two chicks.

Today we got creative and decided to make some Easter cards to post to people; Granny and Grampy, Great Aunty and our other Aunty (who isn’t really our Aunty at all, but we have always called Aunty).  Lots of glue and colouring and sparkly bits (thankfully no glitter). Then warp-girl wanted an Easter egg shape and after a failed attempt at a free-hand egg (apparently it looked like a silly circle, NOT an egg) I thought on my feet and mis-shaped a roll of sticky tape to give me a perfect egg template; Blue Peter eat your heart out! Cards made, we decided that a bit of Animal Crossing was what we needed. Turnips were 102 Bells today-Expensive!-but jef still spent ALL his bells on them. I really hope Timmy and Tommy have some good prices for us this week…

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