“Queue” the Ice Lollies!

Monday 6th April 2020

Ice Lollies!
ICE to meet you!

No school work for warp-girl this morning, which was just as well because I had a lot of work emails to answer and send. So whilst she and warp-boy set about making as much mess as possible, I got down to work. Once this was all done, I headed out to buy some food (and of course milk because we get through gallons of the stuff!). Different supermarket again today; a little bit of a queue and an interesting social distancing model with the queue actually snaking through the first two aisles of the shop. Then a one-way system with with distancing markers on the floor throughout. Unusual, but on the whole it was fine, apart from the bit where I had to wait for four and a half minutes (I timed it) for a couple to selected their Mini Cheddars. They do seem to have a lot of fancy new Mini Cheddar flavours though, so I suppose I can’t blame them. Back at home, with my work done and the shopping put away, it was time to make ice lollies…wait for it…PLAY-DOH ice lollies!! This was good fun until I had to make hundreds of tiny sprinkles. warp-girl was happy with the finished products though and we all queued up (my second queue of the day) to buy them. A refreshing treat as the weather is so warm…

Garden Beer
The Landlord has got bear-ly any customers in the current climate…

Later on, with warp-girl and warp-boy both asleep (tired out from all the mess making I think), I was surprised to see a message from Dad saying ‘We’ve put the film on record and gone to the pub'(!). Upon closer inspection of the accompanying picture (and after the momentary panic that my parents were rebelling and about to be arrested for breaking the lockdown!) I realised that the ‘pub’ was actually their back garden and they were drinking their beer al fresco at home… I thinked their thinking!

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