Collection Cleaning Update!

Broken Paintbrush
It gets into every Nook and cranny…

A few months ago I posted a (very interesting!) entry detailing our retro cleaning kit and how we use it to restore and mantain our game collection (you can read it here!). Well, I have some exciting news for everyone…we have recently had a new addition to the kit in the form of a broken child’s paintbrush (OK, this might not sound very exciting, but bear with me).

When taking a photograph of our Animal Crossing Amiibo collection for our other blog – The COVID19 Diaries…it’s very good…you should read it – warp-girl (my daughter) decided to get in on the action and started dusting with the end of one of her paint brushes. I watched her and realised that her dusting was putting that of my microfibre cloth to shame. Mr Resetti was not best pleased with all the pockets of dust left by the cloth in all his hard to reach places, whilst Isabelle looked positively overjoyed at her spotless appearance, courtesy of the paintbrush. After prasing warp-girl for her innovation with the broken tool, I quickly snaffled it up and added it to our kit. The Amiibos looked as if they had just come out of the box and I was happy to have added a new tool to our cleaning armoury!

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