Chalk up another day of fun!

Tuesday 7th April 2020

Chalk Rainbow
It was also a good lesson in social distancing.

This morning there was no work again for warp-girl (well it is the Easter holidays!), plenty for me to get on with and a lot of mess making (again) for warp-boy. It was a really sunny day, so after this it was garden time. It started well, with our lunch on the picnic blanket and fun with bubbles, but when the water pistol fight got a bit one sided (jef, warp-girl and warp-boy vs. me!), I decided it was time for chalk. A lot of the nearby houses (and homes across the country) were now displaying rainbows on their doors and in their windows to show support for key workers so we decided to add a big chalk rainbow to the colourful collection. We then made life-size chalk versions of warp-girl and warp-boy (and I was quietly impressed with how patiently they stayed in place whilst I drew around them). With the weather getting colder (and everyone covered in chalk) we decided it was time to head inside.

Later on, jef and I chatted about the lockdown. It seemed really strange to me that we were three weeks into it, with restrictions on travel, visiting and shopping and all social gathering places closed. There were also daily briefings from a member of the cabinet with an update on the situation; we had even found out yesterday that our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, had been admitted to hospital with Covid-19; and yet within our little household bubble, things seemed relatively normal. The kids were really too young to grasp what was happening and aside from not going out much, we just had a lot more time to do fun things. These were very strange times. We wondered how long they would go on for. There would be an update on the lockdown at the end of the week…we wondered what that would bring.

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