Week 7 in the warp-zone house

Monday 4th May 2020

And so we entered week seven. The novelty of working from home was definitely starting to wear off now and for warp-girl, the idea of going to school was begining to seem quite exciting. After breakfast warp-girl had some more letter formation and hardwriting practice and I had a fair bit of marking to tackle. I was getting quite used to marking online now and typing feedback for my students. To make things a bit more exciting I also started posing them bonus questions and it was really nice to have a dialogue with them about them (I really am missing those guys!). I also seemed to have a lot more emails than usual. I think because educational guidance was being published more frequently now, people were gearing up for the changes which will inevitably be taking place over the coming weeks. All in all quite a busy day all around, so it was quite nice in the evening to sit down with a film and a bowl of popcorn.


Tuesday 5th May 2020

Today was a little bit different for me. Whilst warp-girl continued her school work at home and warp-boy wreaked his usual havoc, I actually went to work! We had a department meeting to discuss the current situation and start making teaching plans for next year. It was quite surreal, but still really good to meet up (at a two metre distance) with everyone and exchange our lockdown stories while we worked. It was also nice to discover that all the times I thought I was going a little crazy in lockdown were actually shared with my work colleagues and that I probably wasn’t going crazy after all. When our carefully spaced meeting, with lots of productive work (and hand washing), was done we called it a day and I was happy to return to the warp-pipe lockdown house.


Wednesday 6th May 2020

A castle fit for a king.

Another busy one for me with meetings on both Zoom and Microsoft Teams (thankfully not at the same time!). I’m not sure why there can’t be one platform for these things, but I think I’m finally getting my head around them all now. The meetings involved lots of discussion and note taking, followed by lots of emailing. Later on, once everyone had finished their work for the day, we decided to make some Kinetic Sand creations. They were quite successful, except for the cheeky seahorse who did give us a bit of trouble. We eventually got him to behave and finshed our masterpiece which nicely rounded off another locked down day.

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