Residents rejoice!

Saturday 2nd May 2020

Exciting news today! Wait for it……

I could not contain my excitement for the newest member of our island community!

We have a NEW RESIDENT moving into Delfino! We’ve had a plot available for some time now and finally, an exciting new neighbour is moving in! Louie is our sixth resident and our little island is flourishing! I’m sure players of Animal Crossing will understand how exciting it is when things like this happen. Finding out about the new character; their likes, dislikes, personality. And I imagine that people who don’t play Animal Crossing will think this is very strange indeed… Incidently, if you don’t play Animal Crossing (but do have a Nintendo Switch) I very much think you should buy a copy (or download it, but give me physical media over virtual any day!) and start your very own island getaway package today!

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