They’re lovin’ it!

Sunday 3rd May 2020

Happy Meal
warp-girl and warp-boy were really HAPPY with this MEAL.

As we came to the end of our sixth week in lockdown, we decided to shake things up a little bit with a (home) takeaway. In pre-lockdown times, we would often have the odd treat when we were out; Greggs and McDonald’s being favourites with warp-girl and warp-boy. So today we decided to create our very own home-made Happy Meals. A couple of weeks I had bought some red food boxes from Amazon. They weren’t quite the same as real Happy Meal boxes, but they were pretty close. I also bought some paper sweet bags – like the kind I would have a ‘ten pence mix’ of jelly sweets from the corner shop in as a kid – to act as chip holders. Both the boxes and the bags came in mutli packs – 10 boxes and 50 bags – and were really quite reasonable in price. They had a lot of different colours for the boxes too, but I chose red as they seemed the best match for Happy Meal boxes.

The food was easy enough; chicken nuggets and chips; and to drink, squash…with a straw! Quite a few months ago now we invested in some reusable metal straws. We did this partially because of the issues with one use plastics ending up in landfill or the oceans, and partially because McDonald’s recent swtich to paper straws seemed to make their drinks taste really awful. For the ‘Happy’ part of the meal I dug out a couple of small toys from the collection I tend to keep for occasions like this. For warp-girl, a mini Lego Friends set and for warp-boy, a Paw Patrol die cast vehicle. After waiting excitedly for there special dinner they both loved it and it was really quite nice to have a ‘normal’ treat.

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