A new hat & a new hiding place

Friday 1st May 2020

The start of a new month meant gas and electricity readings needed to be taken before the first coffee of the day. Unsurprisingly the gas is down (April has been hot!) and the electricity is up (we’ve all been at home using computers for things like writing blogs about being at home). Next was coffee (and cereal for the kids), followed by some marking for me and hand writing practice for warp-girl. I don’t know how many other parents had, like me, experienced writer’s block when it came to thinking up random sentences for their children to write, but the school had (very thoughtfully) started providing small sections of text for them to read and write. Today was an interesting piece about animals riding a bus (we were all very impressed by fat cat’s new hat).

All was going very well, but the calm, productive start to the month didn’t last long as warp-girl’s plans for a puppy tea party were thwarted by the noticable absence of any puppies. She has a collection of several small Puppy in my Pocket toys – small plastic dogs of various breeds and in different poses – which have many adventures in our house. But today it seemed they had forgotten to inform us that they were playing hide and seek and it was their turn to hide. After much searching (and much complaining) warp-girl concluded that they were lost and gone forever and decided to sulk for a little while. She was adamant that she had put them away properly in they’re ‘home’ the last time she had played with them and they must have moved, all by themselves, to a new location. However the pups were soon forgotten when we got out the kintic sand and made a fabulous desert island.

Pups on Tour!
The puppies were crowned the undisputed hide and seek champions.

It wasn’t until much later on, after both warp-boy and warp-girl were fast asleep, that I noticed Piranha Plant looking a little odd. Upon closer inspection I found that he was currently hosting several small dogs in his warp pipe. It seemed that the puppies had moved themselves after all. Who knew…

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