First we were locked down, now we’re locked out!

Thursday 30th April 2020

game over
Oh no, there’s a blockage in the warp-pipe!

Today started much the same as any other lockdown day; coffee…breakfast…school work… That was until jef attempted to log on to and found that he couldn’t! After double checking his password, trying to log in through different browsers (apparently they are NOT called Internet windows…who knew?!), and asking me to try and log on with my credentials, an error message apparently indicated that an update to a plugin (jef reliably informed me that this was an add on for the website, not one of those smelly air freshener things that you ‘plug in’ to an electrical socket) had proved incompatible with our site and locked us out. To begin with we could view the website in a browser (I’m learning!), but eventually, the whole site had crashed. I was very little help at this point, however jef calmly tackled the problem and within half an hour he had gotten in through the back end and fixed the problem! We were back online and no longer locked out! Then he tried explaining to me how he had done it… Unsurprisingly I didn’t really understand… I think what he was trying to say was he used some jiggery-pokery to sneak, unseen, into the background workings of the website – probably where the Matrix is – and find the offending add on. Then he used some more computer witchcraft to fight off and disable the troublesome plugin.

All hail jef, saviour of the warp-zone!

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