BBC computer literacy project 1980-1989

Mac, Chris & a BBC micro. Downloaded @9600 baud.

If like me, you’re older than the MOS technology 6502 or the Zilog Z80 you may remember watching the BBC series “The computer programme” or it’s follow up “Making the most of the micro” when they were first shown in 1982 & 1983. Watching Mac & Chris Serle exploring early 80’s home computers (Although mostly the Acorn BBC) facinated me as I saw the possibilities of these machines.

Both of these series were in fact part of many more programmes commisioned by the BBC to educate the UK population about the home computer revolution that was happening at the time.

The BBC now has every programme from this project available on their website, according to them 146 of them starting with “The silicon factor” from 1980 and ending with “Electric avenue” from 1988.

Off you go & watch them now, you lucky people.

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