Happy VE Day!

Thursday 7th May 2020

Creating a masterpiece.

Breakfast. Coffee – milk, no sugar – for me and jef and toast for warp-girl and warp-boy. warp-boy loves any sort of toast whilst warp-girl is rather more fussy, opting for buttered toast, but not so much butter that you can actually see it and the all the crusts cut off. She will only eat bread with the crusts left on and no butter and the whole thing makes no sense to me, but seems to make perfect sense to her four year old mind.

After breakfast. Reading and maths, dinosaurs, emails and marking, dinosaurs and more dinosaurs. Next we decided to make some bunting to celebrate VE Day, for which our usual May Day Bank Holiday (traditionally the first Monday in May)  had been moved to Friday. warp-girl’s class teacher had sent us some links for free printable bunting which we downloaded and coloured while I  tried to explain the concept of VE Day to warp-girl. This proved tricky and I wished I had Granny on hand to help out (she is good at that sort of thing), but with no end in sight for our lockdown (and no Skype call booked in) I would have to perservere…

Friday 8th May 2020

Five flag bunting and a pinwheel.

Happy VE Day everyone! Having managed to just about explain what VE Day is to warp-girl yesterday (and with no school work owing to the Bank Holiday), we proceeded to stick our bunting in the window. It was quite nice to see several of the houses in our street were also sporting bunting of some sort or another. After a quick photo opp for warp-girl we headed out for a walk to the field, with a bit of bunting spotting thrown in for good measure. Our tally consisted of four houses with small flags (not including our own), four houses with huge strings of bunting (one of which was severely threatening to blow away), two with Welsh dragon flags and a young family enjoying a tea party in their front garden (not technically bunting, I know), which mesmerised warp-girl; so much so that when she had finished staring at the poor people she insisted on us having our lunch outside in a similar fashion. Luckily the weather was good and so we enjoyed our VE Day picnic lunch in style.

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