The Giant & the Motorcycle.

Thursday 23rd April 2020


Today we were tasked with designing a Super Hero Teddy Bear and re-writing the Jack and the Beakstalk story. The story telling was great with warp-girl designing each page in an online paint program and recording comical voice overs. Then the bear desiging kept her busy for a good while which gave me time to tackle my own work; online marking. This is something that has been around for several years now, but the concept is still completed alien to me (give me paper and a green pen any day!). It took a while for me to get my head around it, but once I got into the swing of things, I have to admit, it was actually pretty good (digital marking is the future!).


After lunch we decided it was time to crack out the LABO! This is an interesting game concept from Nintendo where you have digital instructions for cardboard creations which you build and then use as controllers for various minigames also on the cartridge. We had already completed some of the projects in  the Toy-Con 1 Variety Kit and today we decided to try our hands at the Motorcycle.  I was chief engineer and warp-girl was foreman and quality control. It took us a little longer than the 90-150 minute time scale suggested by Nintendo, but the finished product looked pretty impressive. It was really quite intricate, but the building itself is relatively easy and the instructions are simple to follow. Next we tried the minigames which included racing games and track designing.

Quality Control Check 01: Successful.

These were good fun, but I definitely prefer the  building and making aspects (as they are made from cardboard you can also customise the finished pieces) to the minigame playing. But then again, the box is always more fun than what’s inside, isn’t it!?


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