Friday 24th April 2020

Marble Run
…but what are they running from?

After the usual breakfast and work, warp-girl was watching Peppa Pig who was setting up the longest marble run ever! Cue warp-girl… ‘can WE set up the longest marble run ever!?’. Me: ‘No of course we can’t, where do you expect me to get a marble run from in the middle of a lockdo… YES! Yes we can!’

I replied, having just remembered that I had bought a big bag o’ marble run in a charity shop months ago because…well, because frankly who wouldn’t buy a big bag o’ marble run in a charity shop!? So whilst warp-girl marvelled at ‘Super Mummy’ instantly sourcing a marble run, I went and rummaged in the wardrobe to find it. This was a particularly fine charity shop purchase: a complete set of Tedco Blocks & Marbles, in a little cloth bag and in excellent condition. It had a variety of wooden blocks; some long with curved grooves, others cubes, with holes running through them at funny angles; and 14 little blue marbles. We had hours of fun and, even though it wasn’t quite the longest marble run ever, we did create some super cool pathways for the little balls. warp-girl though it was brilliant and warp-boy even had a go (even if his contribution involved more destruction than construction). Who needs hi-tech modern toys when you can have a big bag o’ marble run!

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