Look! It’s Science O’Clock!

Saturday 25th April 2020

This experiment got a thumbs up from Professor warp-girl!

Saturday meant no official work today, but along with missing the daily classroom interactions I was also starting to miss science…practical science to be more precise. I would never miss a chance to get equipment and chemicals out in school and I realised it had been over six weeks since I had donned a pair of goggles and done any practical work. This had to change (immediately!) so we got out the beakers and a red cabbage and we were away. We chopped up the cabbage, added it to a beaker of boiling water, gave it a stir and hey presto! DIY indicator! Then we got some clear household liquids and tested them to see whether they were acidic, alkaline or neutral (of course we didn’t taste or smell any of them and we wore our goggles at all times – safety first kids!). Such a simple little practical, but really effective and warp-girl was hooked; a future scientist in the making! After we’d identified all the liquids, we mixed them together to experiment with the different colours we could make. We even made a colour changing one which switched from dark purple to pale blue when we shook it! Even though warp-girl concluded that it was ‘probably Sooty magic’, I really enjoyed talking to her about what was happening and what she thought would happen next. It wasn’t quite the same as a school science lesson, but it was the next best thing and I couldn’t wait for us to do more home science!

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