Money, Money, Money.

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

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After breakfast (a delicious bacon and egg bagel, made with real butter and posh blue eggs that jef had bought – very exotic!), there was learning about money for warp-girl and more of the same for me. As much as I’m loving all the extra time I can spend at home with warp-girl and warp-boy, working in front of a computer is very strange and I’m really starting to miss the daily classroom interactions. I am enjoying the home schooling with warp-girl (most of the time) though. Our task this morning was to learn about money and recognise coins. We decided to set up a shop with different prices for each item. Then jef and I adopted a number of alter egos to purchase said items from shopkeeper warp-girl. This went really well until my king, with a very posh voice, bought everything in the shop and she had to close…

Zelda Jigsaw Puzzles
Exactly how to frame these is rather puzzling.

It was OK though because the postman had just delivered a parcel containing our new Zelda jigsaws! We had been very excited about these since seeing them on the Hot UK Deals website. If you don’t know this site, Hot UK Deals is a website which share deals…which are ‘hot’…in the UK. We have found a lot of bargains through this site and our jigsaws were no exception. They were both licensed by Nintendo and from the Legend of Zelda series, one depicting a map of Hyrule and the other, Link riding across Hyrule Field on Epona. Each one also came with a scale poster of the jigsaw image. Our plan is to… assemble? …make? …complete? I’ve just realised that I don’t know what ‘doing’ a jigsaw is actually called… Anyway, we want to frame the puzzles and put them on the wall. We’re currently researching the best and most cost effective way to do this and will hopefully be posting on the Watch & Game blog about it soon.

2 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money.”

  1. Will warp-girl be opening a trading post now that she has levelled up her bartering skill?

    1. She is currently Level 5: Rookie Retailer. I think she gets a trading post at Level 7: Cool Costermonger.

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