smART sketcher cartridges

A few weeks ago we took delivery of the Museum art collection add-on for the smART sketcher. In the box was 30 step by step masterpiece drawing activities, 20 paper frames, 1 reusable magnetic frame and a cartridge. This was odd as we don’t own and have never owned a smART sketcher.

The smART sketcher cartridge

The package was delivered to the wrong address & when contacting the delivery company we were told they woudn’t be picking it back up as the parcel was worth so little so we could keep it.

I opened the package & noticed the cartridge connector looked suspiciously like the bottom half of a microSD card.

The cartridge was very difficult to open, but I managed it with the use of the “best tool ever” & a spudger. Once it was apart I noticed it was held together with a screw hidden under the front sticker. Hmmm.

Mysterious unmarked 128MB SD Card

The microSD card, once freed didn’t reveal any information, it was totally unmarked. Hoping for a 32GB or larger card, I plugged it into a PC & discovered it was a massive 128MB. It sounds impressive it could easily hold the entire Atari 2600, 5200 & 7800 ROM collections but these days 128MB won’t get you very far. Has anybody got any suggestions on what this SD card could be used for?

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