Love is the rug!

Tuesday 28th April 2020

Bowser Rug
Bowser liked the new rug so much he gave it his seal of approval.

There was much excitement in the warp-zone this morning with the arrival of our new rug! As we entered week six of lockdown, the reality of not being able to just ‘pop out’ was starting to set in and the excited anticipation of post was becoming a daily event. It was warp-girl who usually noticed the postman through the window and then her and warp-boy would run to the door to see what he had brought (I think they secretly hoped for more noisy books from Granny). But today, what the postman brought was a lovely new rug (thanks, once again, to Hot UK Deals). It was called Samba Spectrum; I’ve no idea why, it was quite colourful but it certainly wouldn’t be a suitable surface to dance on. I’ve been mystified by the strange names that companies give to their products since I worked at Habitat and they had beds called Radius and chests of drawers called Max. Anyway, weird names aside, the rug was a hit. warp-girl and warp-boy were especially excited and spent a good ten minutes marching around on it, looking rather like seagulls do when they stomp on grass to trick worms into surfacing. Then they sat down on it to watch TV which I thought was really nice to see then sitting nicely together, until I noticed that they both had drinks and were probably wating for me to turn my back so they could use said drinks to mark the new territory. I hoped we still had that bottle of ‘Rug Doctor’ under the sink…

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