Don’t park so close to me.

Saturday 18th April 2020

Car Friend!
Car friends!

Today was yet another sunny day – it has been the sunniest April I can remember, it hadn’t rained in ages. We needed some food (and milk of course) this morning so I headed out to the shop. There seemed to be more cars on the road than when I had previously been out; I guess lots of other people were also running low on food (and probably milk). Despite the increase in vehicles, the car park wasn’t too full and I managed to park quite away from the shop and, more importantly, quite away from anyone else’s car. To my surprise there was no queue when I got to the door so it was straight in – after disinfecting the trolley and my hands of course. I was done pretty quickly; before we went into lockdown I used to like leisurely walking up and down the aisles, finding lots of ‘extras’ to add on to my weekly shop, but now that urge has seemed to have subdued and I am content to collect what I want and head to the tills. The shop I was in had now installed plastic boards (plexiglass maybe?) infront of the tills to shield the till staff from the public. They also had lots of strange looking taped markings on the floor, which a shop assistant helpfully informed me were to indicate where you were supposed to stand when loading the conveyor belt, packing your shopping and paying. After loading, packing and paying I returned to my car only to find that someone had parked right behind me (how dare they!?). Let’s forget that this car park is for patrons of the shop to park wherever there is a space and do their shopping…I had purposely parked away from other people are there were plenty of other spaces at this distance which weren’t right next to mine! After feeling most aggrieved for a good 20 seconds, I loaded my shopping into the boot, returned my trolley and headed home. Back at home I told my shopping (and parking) adventure to jef who found it quite funny (why was he not outraged too!?). Anyway, the rest of the day was rather less eventful and concluded with a film – Aliens – and a glass of wine…lovely.

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