18…19…20…Coming! Ready or not!

Friday 10th April 2020

Our game of hide and seek wasn’t up to much…

Today was a lovely day again. We couldn’t help thinking that the whole lockdown experience would be easier if we were in the depths of a Welsh winter, complete with gale force winds and three foot of snow. However here we were, at the beginning of April and the weather positively tropical so we decided to make use of our daily exercise allowance and head to the nearby field for a walk. warp-girl and warp-boy were extremely excited about this and I thought about how much we take for granted that (when not locked down) the kids can ask to go to the park or the farm or the beach and we can be at any one of them within the hour. We only saw one other person on our way to the field – a lady running with her dog – who crossed over to the other side of the road as she approaches us. I was surprised at how conscious I was about keeping away from other people when in normal circumstances I wouldn’t give it a second thought. When we arrived, a quick scan of the field revealed that no one else was there so we let the kids run free! It reminded me of the mountainside scene from The Sound of Music, except no one broke into song. We raced and chased and waved at the people walking on the mountain in the distance. It felt really good to be out in the fresh air and it was hard to believe that we were in the middle of a pandemic. After our allocated excerise we returned home. warp-girl and warp-boy were less enthusiastic for the walk back and jef and I got some bonus exercise as we had to carry them most of the way!

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