Fixing a faulty Xbox360 USB receiver

We’ve recently moved home and as always happens we had a few casualties, we had a broken plate, our Logitech USB desktop microphone (which I always thought looked like a triffid) finally broke in transit. It was the third time it moved with me & every time I unpacked it the stalk had snapped, previously it could be repaired with a bit of superglue but not this time.

The third item was an Xbox360 USB receiver, when plugged in the green LED on top didn’t illuminate which was a shame as it worked before I boxed it up.

Looking online it seems a reasonably common issue. The problem is usually a blown fuse on the board and the fix is either to preferably replace the fuse or to install a jumper bypassing the fuse entirely.

To begin I prised off the top of the receiver using a spudger then I unscrewed the small PCB and removed it to access it’s underside.
The offending fuse is circled in the picture, I unsoldered the fuse and then created a solder bridge over the contacts. Reassembly is the reverse of disassambly & when I plugged the device into the USB port the thing came to life.

When I get a chance I’ll order a replacement fuse & properly fix the issue, but for now the receiver is working again.

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