And the lockdown continues…

Wednesday 15th April 2020

Trusty Steed
Yahoo!! Here we go!!

Today we got up, had breakfast and with warp-girl and warp-boy playing in the garden, I got down to work. Sounds the same as most weekdays right? WRONG! After almost four weeks of working from home in front of a computer (very alien to me), I was actually going OUT to work today! Although it was technically the Easter holidays, most authorities in the UK have been offering a childcare provision for the children of key workers and the decision was made to keep the facility running through the Easter ‘break’. I was very excited by the prospect of going out to work and the drive in was glorious. The sun was shining, the windows were down and Adam Ant was singing all the way. It was also nice to speak with some of my colleagues who I hadn’t seen in what seemed like ages (while socially distancing of course). By the time I got home and we’d had tea and tidied up it seemed pretty late and I was surprised at how quickly we had gotten used to having tea and settling down much earlier in the day. It would have been a very normal day under normal circumstances, but these weren’t normal circumstances and in fact it had felt like a very strange day.

Thursday 16th April 2020

Back to working from home today. Email queries trickled through all day which kept me busy alongside my other tasks. Afterwards, we had another (these seem almost mandatory now!) tea parties for the bears and doggies. On the plus side, I am now extremely efficient at setting up and putting away said tea parties – If it was a catagory in the Guinness Book of World Records I would definitely be in with a shout. Later, in the daily briefing from Downing Street, Dominic Raab announced a three week extension to the UK lockdown. This had been expected and as we approached the end of week four, another three weeks didn’t fill me with the dread that I would have imagined it would at the start of all this. We all wanted to go out and get back to normal, but the cabin fever hadn’t set in too hard and we seemed to be managing OK. I think we can keep this up a little longer.

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